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Ahron Cooney


Hey friends! Its Ahron Cooney here.  I am 23 years old and grew up with music.  My mom made me take those dreaded piano lessons that all little kids fear from first grade until I took up the alto sax around 5th and 6th grade.  I played the sax for all the various bands that Pittsfield had to offer all the way through high school. 

I graduated from Pittsfield in 2003 and attended Illinois College in Jacksonville. I am an Alumni now with the class of 2007.  I played guitar regularly in the praise band there.  I was the President of BASIC (Brothers and Sisters in Christ) and was quite active with the Christian life activites there.  I followed that up with a year of Bible classes at St. Louis Christian College where I roomed with the beast Pierre "Peezy" Bibbs who is now the drummer for Jael...Check them OUT!!!  Any way back to SHARC...

I started playing guitar my senior year in high school.  Jason and I tried to play worship for a friends bible study.  We hooked up with some friends from Clinton Illinois to form DUH (Disciples Under Him).  After a year or so we realized that it was too much to try and play on a consistent basis with people from an hour plus away so we asked Matt and Adam, who we have known for some time, to play church camp and local worship services with us.  And from then on S.H.A.R.C. was born!

My family consists of my parents and my little big sis.  Ashley now resides in Nashville with her husband Jeff.  My parents still station themselves in the same house that I spent the majority of my life in.  They still run the McDonald's there.

I figured I love music, I love God, and some of my best memories were church camps and youth rallies so why not pursue something that I could still do all!  We love what we do and we love to meet new people!  Feel free to drop us a line in our email and hopefully we will be prompt in responding.  Peace!!

Starting in August 2007, I started ministry work as the Youth Minister in my home church of Calvary Baptist of Pittsfeild Illinois.  So far so good! It has been a blast!  I also help out with worship in my church. I love spending time with the kids and learning about our wonderful Maker and Savior all at the same time.  I couldn't ask for a better job!


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